The Covenant of Loch Faileas


Deep in the Scottish highlands there lies a mysterious lake often shrouded with a thick mist. Long ago the Order of Hermes discovered that the entire lake possessed a powerful magical aura and they built a village upon it that became the home of a powerful cadre of wizards and their servants. For many years the people of Loch Faileas thrived, and the covenant there grew strong.  But several years ago a redcap arrived to find the place deserted with no sign of what had happened to its inhabitants- all of whom had vanished without a trace. At last the Tribunal has declared the covenant abandoned and have put out a call for young magi to reclaim the old covenant and perhaps learn the fate of those who disappeared… 

Lake of Shadows is an Ars Magica campaign set in  Loch Leglean Tribunal in the Scottish highlands, it is run cuncurrently with my other Ars Magica games, Black Death and The Inverted Tower.

Lake of Shadows

Lake of shadows